What you will take away from this hands-on workshop? 

• Discover 15 ways you improve your website's SEO ranking
• Identify a SEO-friendly web structure every website needs!
• Design and Create FREE pop-ups (without coding) to CONVERT web traffic into email leads
• Design and Create FREE landing webpages without coding knowledge! 
• Explore and Identify the demand of each SEO keyword(s) before using them in your SEO strategy
• Explore the basics to Google Analytics, learn how to measure, and how analytics help in SEO strategy

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to take at least 10 immediate steps and improve their website's SEO ranking on Google. 

Participants will also be able to speak the SEO and SEM language to the Web Agency and Developer managing their company website's SEO & SEM efforts!


1. Introduction to UNLEASHING the POWER of Internet Marketing via:
• Winning STRATEGIES for driving traffic online
• AUTHENTIC real world Case Study 
• KEY PRINCIPLES that will help you in Lead Conversion 

2. Fundamentals to Internet Marketing
• What is Internet Marketing? 
• What is SEO? 
• What is SEM? 
• Learn about your BUYER’s JOURNEY on the internet 
• How can you help your potential customer purchase with you?

3. Guide to Internet Marketing for Websites
• 15 strategies to being more SEARCHABLE online 
• 6 strategies to better Internet Marketing
• How does Google rank my website?

4. Google Keyword Planner: What is it? How to use it?
• Personal or Company Gmail Account is required to access this
• Whether you’re exploring SEO or SEM, Google Keyword Planner helps you understand the demand of each keyword, and prioritise the keywords you would like to target and include in your content. 

5. Introduction to Google Analytics Basics
• How to create FREE Google Analytics account with GMAIL
• What statistics to look out for in Google Analytics for SEO purposes

6. What is a CONVERSION on my website?
• How can i convert my website traffic into leads?
• What are pop-ups and how can we use them effectively?
• Case Study of pop-ups for ideas
• Brainstorm and create a FREE pop-up for your website

7(a) Landing Pages for CONVERSIONS 
• What are Landing Pages 
• How to use Landing Pages effectively 
• Converting your audience with a Landing Page VS Website 

7(b) Creating a Landing Page: Hands-on activity 
• Step by Step with Trainer on MailerLite/MailChimp
• Brainstorm about your Landing Page
• Create your very own Landing Page

7(c) Consultation and/or Question & Answer with Trainer as participants are on their hands-on activity.

What others say about the SEO Internet Marketing Course for beginners.

Izzah Jazni


 Because of the small class size, the workshop was very engaging and enriching for me. It exceeded my expectations, and at the end of the day, my objectives were met. Thank you, Charmaine!

Linda Loh

Lead Consultant

I really like how the course was well-structured and clearly presented. As someone who is completely new to internet marketing, I found it easy to follow the class. Lots of practical tips and references to useful templates and resources.

Claudia Stuhrmann

Events Manager

I attended the SEO Internet Marketing course I needed to get more insights for my new job. It was the best decision ever! Charmaine is an awesome presenter, she is very patient and explains things so well. I would recommend her workshops anytime, regardless of age or knowledge.

About the Trainer

Charmaine Lee

Charmaine is the Founder and Creative Director of Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers.

She has been conducting training since 2015, equipping her clients in Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Email Marketing, and other key digital marketing topics. Till date, she has conducted more than 1,000 hours training.

Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. She enjoys breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding on Facebook Marketing, SEO & SEM, Infographics Design and more!

She strongly believes that the training industry needs more courses and training with smaller group of participants that allows them a more conducive environment to learn, ask questions, and have more 1-to-1 time with the trainer.

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